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Fire Damage Restoration

NFPA estimates that there were over 1.3 million fires and almost $16 billion in property damage in 2021 alone. In Florida specifically, the amount of land burnt by wildfires ranks 12th in the country

If not caused by nature, a fire in your home was likely caused by cooking, heating, or electricity. Fires are frightening, devastating events that can bring even the most resilient of us down to our knees. We know exactly what goes through your head right now because we’ve dealt with numerous residential and commercial fire damage clients. 

So, how does fire damage restoration process work?

After the fire has been extinguished, you should call us for fire damage restoration.

The vast majority of fire damage restoration jobs entail cleaning and restoring both the structure and the contents. The damage can be caused by the fire itself, smoke, or the water used to put out the flames. Cleaning up after a fire is a time-consuming process. It is the best for you, your property, and your wallet to get fire damage cleaned up and repaired by professionals as quickly as possible.

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Fire Damage Restoration Florida

Fires are life-threating. The first thing you should worry about is you and your family being safe and out of danger. After and only after you and your family are safe, you should worry about repairing all the fire damage. 

You can use a guide from the American Red Cross as a good starting point for fire damage restoration and cleanup, but at the end of the day, you should get in touch with a restoration company – fast. 

Florida Water Damage Group, despite not having it in our name, is a professional fire damage restoration company. We have the technicians who restore properties for a living and they’re ready to work tirelessly for you, 24/7, until your problem is fully resolved. 

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