Dehumidification Services in Florida

After all standing water has been removed, the dehumidification process can begin. But what is dehumidification, and why do you need it?

The dehumidification process employs dehumidifiers, which work by drawing warm, humid air in and releasing warm, dry air out. A larger unit can move more air, making it more efficient at drying a larger area.

Air enters through a fan on one side before passing through one or more components that actively cool it. As the air rapidly cools, it loses its ability to contain water in a gaseous state, and water vapor from the humid air begins to condense on the cooling device. Eventually, this water drips into a gathering place and is removed from the atmosphere.

This air is then warmed and released into the water-damaged area, where it collects moisture and repeats the cycle, effectively lowering the property’s humidity levels.

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